Sunday, 24 January 2016

After Careful Consideration....

That was quite a long time of careful consideration!


  1. SHAME ON HIM....

    God allows all this shameful papacy to divide chaff from wheat in His Church. It is time for pain and suffering for His true church, but we have to wait and firmly stand on our catholic ground.

  2. Exactly, after breaking the law for multiple years...

  3. How long must the faithful permit those claiming to be faithful, to make claims of utter and universal unfaithfulness by the so-called vicar of Christ?

    "Now that the political obstacle embodied by Christianity has been removed by the revolutionary surge, we are at the progressive suppression of the religious obstacle, that is, the Papacy, won over as it is by revolutionary ideas for more than a half-century. And this obstacle against the manifestation of the Man of Iniquity, this mysterious katejon [the restrainer] of whom Saint Paul speaks (2 Thess. 2:7), who delays his coming, seems to me to be precisely the Papacy, light of nations and master of truth. It is only when this obstacle will have disappeared that “the wicked one shall be revealed” (2 Thess. 2:8)."

  4. What worries me far more is the news that Pope Francis intends celebrating the Reformation. I cannot enthuse over that decision at all.

  5. No doubt our Peronist pope will expect absolute obedience to his decree...

  6. I'm really beginning to wonder about Francis the one who services our holy father at the moment. My understanding is that we are not to change church teaching in anyway but we are to safeguard it had to be good custodians of it as it was passed down from Christ to his apostles and priests bishops and Cardinals, and deacons we are to keep it as it is the deposit of faith is not to change.

    "Absolute truth must be unchangeable"

    (Pope Saint Pius X)

  7. The first photo certainly shows his motivation. How else can a clergyman get into such a position without hitting the local news?


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