Catechism of the Catholic Church (675)

'Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.' ~ Catechism of the Catholic Church (675)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Pope Francis Little Book of Insults

I've been commissioned to compile The Pope Francis Little Book of Insults. Have I missed any out?
It will hit the shelf at Christmas, for £6.99, but you get a 20% discount if you insult the cash till operator with any of the following insults. My favourite is "You querulous and disillusioned pessimist!" It should not be confused with The Pope Francis Little Book of Indults, which will be published in 2014, first in Germany and then the rest of Europe.

[Please take note: Artistic licence has, at times been used with the Pope's words. I have tried to keep faithful to the Pope's sentiment, but this is satire. I have not (as yet) been commissioned to compile a book of Pope Francis insults. It's a joke. Anyway, let's continue the book...]

"Careerist Bishop!"




"Querulous and disillusioned pessimist!" 

"Sad Christian!"

"Pickled pepper-faced Christian!"

"Children! Afraid to dance! To cry! Afraid of everything!"

"Asker for certainty in all things!"

"Christians allergic to preaching!"

"Closed, sad, trapped Christian who is not a free Christian!"

"Pagan Christian!"

"Little monster!" 

"Watered-down faith, weak-hoped Christian!"

"Inquisitorial beater!"

"Seminarians who grit their teeth and wait to finish, 

follow rules and smile [who] reveal the hypocrisy of clericalism - one of the worst evils!"

 "Abstract ideologue!" 


"Smarmy, idolator priest!"


"Religious who have a heart as sour as vinegar!" 

"Promoter of the poison of immanence!" 

Those closed in the formality of a prayer that is cold, stingy [who]
 might end up as Michal, in the sterility of her formality.

"Older people nostalgic for structures and customs which are no longer life-giving in today’s world!"

"Young people addicted to fashion!" 

"Pastry-Shop Christians!" 

"Luscious cakes, sweet dainties. Delectable, but not real Christians!"

"Existential tourist!" 

Anesthetised Christian! 

"Christian hypocrites only interested in their formalities!"

“They disguise themselves, they disguise themselves as good people: they make themselves up like little holy cards, looking up at heaven as they pray, making sure they are seen—they believe they are more righteous than others, they despise others!"

 ‘Mah,’ they say, “I’m very Catholic, because my uncle was a great benefactor, my family is this, I’m that… I’ve learned... I know this bishop, this Cardinal, this priest... I am this or that...’ They think they are better than others. This is hypocrisy!" 

"Sloth-diseased, acedic Christians!"

“I think of many Christians, of many Catholics: yes, they are Catholics, but without enthusiasm, even embittered!"

"They are people without light – real downers!"

"And how many Christians are like this?” he asked, “selfish, out for themselves.”

“Christians who do not leave space for the grace of God – and the Christian life, the life of these people, consists in having all the paperwork, all the certificates, in order!”

"The theologian satisfied that his thought is complete and conclusive is mediocre.”

 “The theologian who does not pray and does not adore God ends up drowning in 
the most disgusting narcissism.”

“This is an ecclesiastical sickness. 
The narcissism of theologians and thinkers does such harm; it’s disgusting.”

“Your institutions are not machines for producing theologians and philosophers.” 

"There are Christian bats who prefer the shadows to the light of the presence of the Lord!”

"Starched Christians, too polite, who speak of theology calmly over tea!"   

We have heard of so many good Catholics, good Christians, friends and benefactors of the Church that – it has been revealed - acted for personal profit. They presented themselves as benefactors of the Church and made money on the side…”

And in the Church there are climbers, people driven by ambition! There are many of them! But if you like climbing go to the mountains and climb them: it is healthier! Do not come to Church to climb! 

A simple numerary in this sect!

Weathervanes! All of them!

Rotting in the heart, weak, weak to the point of rottenness! Gloomy in the heart!

Weak-hearted Christians!

So much sterility within our Mother Church: when because of the weight of the hope in the Commandments, that pelagianism that all of us carry within our bones, she becomes sterile. She believes she is capable of giving birth… no, she can’t!

Many times I think that in some places the Church is more like an entrepreneur than a mother.

A discouraged, anxious, sad Church; a Church who is more spinster than mother; and this Church isn’t useful”, such a Church is no more than a museum.

Christians in appearance! Made-up Christians, because when the rain comes, the make-up runs off!

“So many ‘apparent Christians,’ collapse at the first temptation,”

Appearances! Christians of appearance ... they are dead!

“Band of the chosen” in that “ecclesiastical microclimate!”

I think about how many Christians prefer a spectacle to the silence of the Kingdom of God.

“Have these people come to receive a Sacrament, to have a feast like at Cana in Galilee, or have they come to have a pageant, to be seen, for vanity?"

A Christian without strength, without fertility". "A Christian out for himself, to serve himself." His is a "sad life", "the many great things of the Lord" are "wasted".

Christians enemies of the Cross of Christ!

"Pagans with two strokes of Christian paint, so as to appear like Christians, but pagans nonetheless!"

“A pastor who opens the doors of the Church and stays there, waiting, is sad”.

"There are bright Christians, full of light – noted the Pope - who seek to serve the Lord in this light" and " there are dark Christians" who lead "a life of sin, a life distant from the Lord" and who use those four types of words that "belong to the evil one".

"But there is a third group of Christians", who are not "neither light nor dark

""They are the Christians of gray areas. And these Christians of gray areas are on one side first and then the other. People say of these: 'Is this person with God or the devil?' Huh? Always in the grey area. They are lukewarm. They are neither light nor dark. And God does not love these."

Christians who live that way,” he continued, “for appearances, for vanity, seem like peacocks, they strut about like peacocks.”

How many Christians live for appearances? Their life seems like a soap bubble. The soap bubble is beautiful, with all its colours!

"Moralistic quibbler!"

"Faraway contemplative!"

Corrupt politicians, corrupt businessmen and corrupt clergymen everywhere!

The “uniformists”, whose manner is to “‘uniformize’ everything: everyone as equals!

"They call themselves Christians, they call themselves Catholics, but their rigid attitude distances them from the Church!”

“Uniformists, alternativists and advantagists!”

"Swindlers! We’ve seen many of them, he said, essentially “parading about as benefactors and in the end, under the table, running their scams!”

"Proud, self-sufficient, detached from the people, intellectual aristocrats, who closed their doors and resist the Holy Spirit!"

"A Europe which is now a “grandmother”, no longer fertile and vibrant."

Feeling immortal, immune or indispensable. “A Curia that doesn’t criticise itself, that doesn’t update itself, that doesn’t seek to improve itself is a sick body.”

Working too hard. “Rest for those who have done their work is necessary, good and should be taken seriously.”

Becoming spiritually and mentally hardened. “It’s dangerous to lose that human sensibility that lets you cry with those who are crying, and celebrate those who are joyful.”

Planning too much. “Preparing things well is necessary, but don’t fall into the temptation of trying to close or direct the freedom of the Holy Spirit, which is bigger and more generous than any human plan.”

Working without coordination, like an orchestra that produces noise. “When the foot tells the hand, ‘I don’t need you’ or the hand tells the head ‘I’m in charge.’”

Having “spiritual Alzheimer’s”. “We see it in the people who have forgotten their encounter with the Lord ... in those who depend completely on their here and now, on their passions, whims and manias, in those who build walls around themselves and become enslaved to the idols that they have built with their own hands.”

Being rivals or boastful. “When one’s appearance, the colour of one’s vestments or honorific titles become the primary objective of life.”

Suffering from “existential schizophrenia”. “It’s the sickness of those who live a double life, fruit of hypocrisy that is typical of mediocre and progressive spiritual emptiness that academic degrees cannot fill. It’s a sickness that often affects those who, abandoning pastoral service, limit themselves to bureaucratic work, losing contact with reality and concrete people.”

Committing the “terrorism of gossip”. “It’s the sickness of cowardly people who, not having the courage to speak directly, talk behind people’s backs.”

Glorifying one’s bosses. “It’s the sickness of those who court their superiors, hoping for their benevolence. They are victims of careerism and opportunism, they honour people who aren’t God.”

Being indifferent to others. “When, out of jealousy or cunning, one finds joy in seeing another fall rather than helping him up and encouraging him.”

Having a “funereal face”. “In reality, theatrical severity and sterile pessimism are often symptoms of fear and insecurity. The apostle must be polite, serene, enthusiastic and happy and transmit joy wherever he goes.”

Wanting more. “When the apostle tries to fill an existential emptiness in his heart by accumulating material goods, not because he needs them but because he’ll feel more secure.”

Forming closed circles that seek to be stronger than the whole. “This sickness always starts with good intentions but as time goes by, it enslaves its members by becoming a cancer that threatens the harmony of the body and causes so much bad scandals especially to our younger brothers.”

Seeking worldly profit and showing off. “It’s the sickness of those who insatiably try to multiply their powers and to do so are capable of calumny, defamation and discrediting others, even in newspapers and magazines, naturally to show themselves as being more capable than others.”


Andrew said...

"If someone is gay..."

Speaking of which, Vanity Fair has an interesting article on the now-infamous gay lobby in this month's edition:

Joseph Shaw said...


Anonymous said...

Sourpuss, perhaps or rather eh, ah, no

Lynda said...

"Liturgical obsessive!"; "sayer of prayers!";

Jeff Culbreath said...


Jeff Culbreath said...


viterbo said...

was the Pope looking in the mirror when he threw all these out? It's uncanny.

Stuart R. Breaux said...


Hermit Crab said...

"Pretender" (possibly said of OLJC Himself)

JB said...

Rosary counters!

He set my radar off from the first moment he appeared on the balcony. Something is seriously amiss. The name calling alone is unworthy of the office.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Braincin

Anonymous said...

yes I too noticed that there was something off-- even at the balcony. His blessing was even less than perfunctory-- almost disdainful-- it certainly wasn't carefully done.

ATDP said...

I can hear the Francis apologists: "Jesus insulted people too, you know. He called Herod a fox and some white-washed tombs."

Nicolas Bellord said...

"poison of immanence" - although I haven't a clue what that means.

Jacobi said...

“ for authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.”

Not only not absurdly PC, but false, and showing great insensitivity towards those Christians in the Middle East, Pakistan, and now Africa, who are being daily persecuted and murdered.

Deacon Augustine said...

Is it just Papal insults you are collating or are you interested in recent invective coming from Archbishop Bergoglio as well?

If the latter, then the following has to be a bit of a classic:

"Journalists sometimes risk becoming ill from coprophilia and thus fomenting coprophagia"


I do hope he doesn't have first-hand experience of these vices.

Lepanto said...

Seriously, these nonsensical, inconsistent and incoherent ramblings appear to me to be merely those of a confused, if physically energetic, old man. How far does he have to go before people understand that he's 'lost it'?

JB said...

i have a serious question: has anyone heard Francis ever talk about the importance of being/staying in a state of grace? persevering in grace? I have yet to.

i may be wrong so please someone refer me to a passage.

Martina Katholik said...

@ JB
There is no such passage. I would be happy if he just said “go and sin no more”. But seemingly this “call to action” is not modern(istic).
A trendy message is this:

Francis' message to university students: "YOU MUST LIVE, NOT JUST EXIST"
You must not be spectators but protagonists” in the “challenges” the modern world throws at you. Don’t be mediocre, bored or like everyone else. “You can’t live without facing challenges,” “don’t stand on the sidelines; fight for dignity and against poverty.” This is the lifestyle Francis advised young people to lead, in the first meeting with university students since the start of his pontificate. (…)“Please don’t look at life from the sidelines, go an immerse yourself in challenges, in life, in development, get involved in the fight for people’s dignity, against poverty, in the defence of values and in so many other struggles we face today,” Francis urged.

Pétrus said...

I look forward to receiving my copy.

It will be a delight to be able to use so many insults while still avoiding being judgemental.

Lynda said...

I do seriously wonder if he has dementia. "Rambling" is the kindest one can say about some of the utterances.

Lynda said...

Perhaps you could translate that passage for me? It could be some socialist ideologue giving an extempore pep-talk to his people.

JB said...

Yes. Plainly false. All I can think is that the Vatican is so scared of terrorism that mindless drivel like this keeps flowing out.

Anonymous said...

His favorite one: "Idiologues"
Also: Lepers, rigid, backward.

Marietta said...

No Catholic God
Proselytism as nonsense

Anonymous said...

Please stop writing nonsense and pray for the Holy Father!

Anonymous said...

Long faced!
Mournful behavior!
Behave as if going to a funeral procession! (um, maybe they are?)

Text from page
of the Vatican Radio website

Annoyed said...

Tomb psychology! Mummies in a museum.

Pax--Tecum said...

"Renaissance prince."

Joe Potillor said...

I'd actually buy this….

Elizabeth said...

Elizabeth says, "confessionals as torture chambers

Celia said...

Thanks for this. I'm saving 'Self-absorbed neo-Promethean Pelagian' for the next time someone tells me they think Francis is so much better than Benedict, because 'You can understand what he says'.

Jeff Culbreath said...

Today's papal homily is a gold mine!

Inspiring, no?

Jackie Parkes said...

Absolutely think he is spot on.

Anonymous said...

"Ideologue of the Logos!"
that one seemed aimed at his predecessor

Nicolas Bellord said...

Anonymous: Where did you find "ideologue of the Logos"?
I have been puzzling what it could mean. The word Logos makes me think of the opening of St John's Gospel and the identification of the Logos - Word - with Christ. Ideologue means a theorist of some ideology. So "ideologue of the Logos" can just mean a theologian? However in Pope Francis's vocabulary he generally gives a pejorative meaning to "ideologue" as somebody obsessed with some ideology such as Marxism. But how can being obsessed with Christ be bad? Puzzling but perhaps if you could point us to the context it might be clearer?

Rebecca Duncan said...

“It is an ugly thing when one sees a Christian who does not want to lower himself, who does not want to serve, a Christian who parades around everywhere. It’s terrible, no? That person isn’t a Christian: he is a pagan! The Christian serves (and) lowers himself,” said the Pope on Dec. 18 in St. Peter’s Square."


Anonymous said...

Nicolas Bellord, Don't be surprised that Pope Francis is so unclear about "ideologue of the Logos." The Pope is always unclear - that's his trademark.
Maybe Bones should retitle this book, "Francis's Little Book of Insults and Head-Scratchers."

Bemused said...

Hmmm, I thought "little monsters" were the fans of Lady Gaga, but apparently the term also refers to religious with poor formation:

viterbo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Bemused, it refers to religious with GOOD formations. This is another attempt to put down the orthodox and the prayerful religious who focus on Christ Himself.

Viva Cristo Rey said...

Sweetness, Little Monsters, And Hypocrisy

Below are a few statements and actions made by Pope Francis during the first week of 2014.

Francis said, "I think about the temptation, that we may have, or many others have, to announce the Gospel with 'inquisitional beatings,' with condemnation. No! The Gospel must be announced with sweetness, with fraternity, with love!”

OK, that's a good statement even though it could be taken to imply that Catholics who have strong morals participate in '"inquisitional beatings" of others.
(What does Francis think of St. Anthony who was known as the hammer of heretics or John the Baptists moral preaching to Herod?)

In the same week Pope Francis told us to announce the Gospel with "sweetness and love" he said these things about faithful Catholics.

"Seminarians who grit their teeth and wait to finish, follow rules and smile reveal the hypocrisy of clericalism - one of the worst evils!"

"Religious need to wake up to the world or risk becoming "abstract ideologues or fundamentalists."

About seminarians "You have to form the heart, or we will make little monsters. And then, these little monsters form the people of God."

So Francis accuses others of participating in "inquisitional beatings" on the same day he calls Catholics who follow the rules hypocrites and evil.
He calls other Catholics "abstract ideologues or fundamentalists" and says other Catholics are "little monsters."

In the same week Francis tells us to announce the Gospel with "sweetness and love" he uses the harshest possible language to describe his fellow Catholics.

Or is Francis telling us we when we speak to others it is "sweetness and love" to accuse them of being "abstract ideologues or fundamentalists," hypocrites," "evil," "little monsters," or that they are responsible for "inquisitional beatings?"

Or is Francis reserving the right to use this critical accusatory language about those he does not like while we are suppose to respond to the culture of death only using sweetness?"

What are we to make of the fact the Vatican has hired one of the worlds leading homosexual promoting corporations to advise them?

Ernst and Young is one of the most effective corporations promoting homosexuality worldwide - and now they are on the Vatican payroll in an absolutely essential and hugely influential position. Adding insult to injury, just a quick review of the policies of the other three advisory firms recently hired by the Vatican to reform its administrative and financial practices reveals a pro-homosexual pattern similar to that of Ernst and Young.

This is a scandal beyond words and Satan must be loving it.

Bemused said...

It's a few days old, but I thought "heart as sour as vinegar" was a good one.

“I’m reminded of those religious who have a heart as sour as vinegar: they are not made for the people." -- from the meeting with religious superiors.

Aloysius Gonzaga said...

Brilliant. I would buy this. If we can't do anything to change a mediocre papacy, at least we can laugh about it.

p.s. see, we are not sourpuses after all!

mundabor said...

"Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate!"

Alan Aversa said...

Re: "Promoter of the poison of immanence!"

Too bad he didn't say "[Modernist] Promoter of the poison of [vital] immanence!"

But perhaps he meant that…

John said...

It's starting to be rather a large book . . . and we haven't even finished year one.


Marietta said...

Hope this make publizing deadline:
"Creepy" as in "creepy little monsters; they give me goose-bumps."

anthony said...

"melancholic Christians' faces (like) pickled peppers"

Anonymous said...

This site makes no sense, it claims to be Catholic and has pro-papacy propaganda all over it but when it comes to the current Holy Father its nothing but disrespect and bashing. It appears more anti-Catholic (protestant) than Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Francis is the one that doesn't make any sense Here!!!!!!Because he is not consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church, he contradicts previous popes, contradicts the catechism and the scriptures.

Anonymous said...

One thing is true that the Holy Spirit is not leading Francis . He is going from error to error.They rebelled against Benedict XVI don't expect anything good from this impostor!!!!!!
2 Timothy 3:13
Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE)
while evil men and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceivers and deceived.

Anonymous said...

It would be useful to make each quote a link to the source of the quotation.


Well, I believe that I am a "self-absorbed, promethean neo-pelagian" and I am damn proud of it!

James said...

"Self-absorbed, Promethean neo-Pelagian!"

## My favourite. With definite shades of Captain Haddock - as quoted here:

It would seem that the Pope is a reader of "Tintin"...

coco2 said...

Wow! No love for the Pope here. I don't think he is bashing good and holy Catholics, at all. I don't think he is bashing Pope Benedict, either. I think he is trying to get some priests and bishops and the rest of us to recognize the fact that they and we aren't particularly living the Gospel message. If he has to use strong language to do it, then so be it. To understand where he is coming from, you would need to understand all that he has seen and experienced in his lifetime.

I'm living where a Bishop closed a school in a poor area (that was considered a "mission school" to the last bishop) and transformed it into a penthouse for guests, and for himself if he doesn't want to drive 15 minutes to his mansion. Something is very wrong with this picture. Pope Francis has seen men in the priesthood who are living for themselves and not Christ. He is trying to change this. It is a problem.

His comment about gays, - was it anything different than what the Church has always said? I didn't take his "Who am I to judge" comment as a green light for gays to continue their lifestyle and have sex with other men. He said if a gay man loves God and tries to live for God, who is he to judge his attractions. However, I would think at some point he would have to address this topic more thoroughly and in depth.

I just think his entire time as pope will be trying to shake up those in the Church who need shaken.

Alan Aversa said...

Jesus would rather forgive than condemn, but, unlike Francis, He acknowledged the sin. Whenever He forgives, he says, in addition, "Go, and sin no more." Does Francis say this? It's hard to tell if he even believes in the reality of sin as an offense against God, especially when he says atheists can be justified or saved by following their consciences, while at the same time they commit the grave sin of unbelief.

fr Patrick McMahon said...

what a breath of fresh air this pope is. it is about time someone calls out these scribes and pharisees who would rob all the joy from the gospel, you go Francis

Nicolas Bellord said...

Aversa: I think Pope Francis is aware of the reality of sin. For instance read this quote from Evangelii Gaudium at para 172:

"The Gospel tells us to correct others and to help them to grow on the basis of a recognition of the objective evil of their actions (cf. Mt 18:15)"

Alan Aversa said...

He's best friends with a modern-day Pharisee, Rabbi Skorka.

(Modern Judaism = Talmudic Judaism, and the Talmud contains the Pharisees' wicked, man-made laws; see what St. Maximilian Kolbe has to say about the Talmud.)

Alan Aversa said...

If he believes that, then why doesn't he advocate correcting those who adhere to false religions? Instead, he says we should value the differences between them (Evangelii Gaudium §255)!

Bemused said...

Do you think the previous papal criticism of saying prayers like "parrots", is no longer in effect following the blessing of the parrot?

Mike said...

Your book is mentioned here:

Were you 'commissioned'?

Anonymous said...

Bergoglio has become a nightmare for those catholics living in italy like me. His daily chats at Casa Marta have become his way of Magisterium. And every chat has to be "doctored" before going to the press. Some of the things we are seeing here are absolutely outrageous. And I am quite sure his "best" has still yet to come.
Paolina Canossa

Lynda said...

Yes, one must have meticulously researched references!

Lynda said...

It isn't a Pope's solemn and sacred duty to be a "breath of fresh air", whatever such vague nonsense means but to defend the unchanging deposit of Faith, and strengthen his brother bishops in teaching, preaching and sanctifying in accordance with the unchanging Faith, the unchanging truth.

Alan Aversa said...

Like the dubious canonizations? See this article by the SSPX.

Anonymous said...

Insulting the Traditional Latin Mass and those who love it:

"older people nostalgic for structures and customs which are no longer life-giving in today’s world..."

"young people addicted to fashion..."

Marietta said...

About Traditional Mass goers:

1. Old people who cling to a nostalgia for structures and customs no longer life-giving in today's world.

2. Young people addicted to fashion.

Anonymous said...

You hit that head on. Exactly what I thought. With Francis it could go either way. Good comment!

Anonymous said...

1. This world is life destroying not giving. Too many have no clue what is right and what is wrong. They are numb from all the world's modernist changes.
2. It's not a fashion it's the original church.
3. Only a modernist would think in this upside down judgemental inappropriately uneducated on the facts manner.
4. Enough said..

darla said...

1. The world has become evil in its own right.
Those who do not have a solid knowledge or upbringing of what is right or wrong transform themselves into modernists. Our Lord's ways and rules are not modern. And they are not redundant.
2. The young that become Traditionals are not touched by the perversion and evilness of the world. They are innocent and pure.
3. Read the bible it could help.

Anonymous said...

This would appear to be your standard type of attempt to pick and choose the words of a person to present a skewed picture of someone. When someone speaks as often as the pope, absolutely anyone is going to be able to dig up something that they object to when it is taken in isolation or out of the context of the full body of what has been said by the person.

As Cardinal Richelieu famously said "If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him."

Even the scripture in the Bible is subjected to such misrepresentation by those who wish to distort and criticize its message. If it can be done to that, then it can be done to any man.

Fortunately, those of reasonable intent who truly desire understanding of what is being said can look at the full body of comments and see that these sorts of distortions are off-base.

Lynda said...

There is nothing truly "life-giving" other than the timeless Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which should be conducted in the most solemn, reverent and universal way possible. The true liturgy is that which cannot be manipulated in any way by the priest offering it. The liturgy should in all its outward signs reflect the awesome, beautiful, transcendent reality that occurs therein - Our Lord, through the priest, becoming present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

swanekj said...

Just think that we could have had some judgemental African Holy Father who believed that what was sin between 50 and 2500 years ago remains such today, and that hatred of such sins had not somehow evolved into a moral defect itself.

lee woo said...

Pain and foolishness lead to great bliss and complete knowledge, for Eternal Wisdom created nothing under
the sun in vain. See the link below for more info


Aloysius Gonzaga said...

Brilliant. All these insults came directly from his own mouth. It is really disturbing to see a Pope who regularly trashes the faithful.

Peter said...

Fascinating, all these people feeling attacked... As my grandmother used to say: "if the shoe fits..."

Marietta said...

The shoe fits Pope Francis himself...and maybe your grandmother.
But the emperor still has no clothes.

Anonymous said...

You need to remember, folks, that Bergoglio "recevied his vocation" while working as a bouncer at a Night Club...

He still talks like one...and surely should have remained such...

It is obvious that the man NEVER had a DIVINE vocation...

I do not even see evidence that he has the faith, because for him, seeking applause is ALWAYS more desireable...

A Catholic in mourning...

Nicolas Bellord said...

Anonymous: Whatever misgivings and perplexity one may suffer about what Pope Francis is reported as saying I do think one should avoid making judgements as to whether he had a vocation or not. These blogs are of vital importance and as we have seen with Nick Donnelly and his Protect the Pope website they are under wrongful attack for being extreme. We must avoid anything that can justify such attacks.

Incidentally I wonder what the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma should do about the attack made on one its members.

John Brantley said...

The exclamation points are entertaining but a little misleading.

Hopefully people aren't too offended by these "insults." They are clearly in keeping with Pope Francis's vision for a more open and engaged church, which I find exciting.

viterbo said...

“They disguise themselves, they disguise themselves as good people: they make themselves up like little holy cards, looking up at heaven as they pray, making sure they are seen—they believe they are more righteous than others, they despise others."

this bloke has a lotta hate for devotion.

Hilary said...

Latest in: "anaesthetised Catholics"

viterbo said...

"Like bats. And with a little sense of humour we can say that there are Christian bats who prefer the shadows to the light of the presence of the Lord.”

Bemused said...

In the U.S., "Parade" magazine (supplement to Sunday papers) chose the same photo as you did, to put on the Easter cover:

Be sure to see: Praise for the Pope: Stars Weigh in on the 'Francis Effect' (!)

Anonymous said...

"starched Christians, too polite, who speak of theology calmly over tea."

gracem said...

i especially like the "bats" comment.
maybe he's projecting?

Bemused said...

I think, after each new insult, I will watch this clip from "Planes, Trains & Automobiles," where John Candy responds to Steve Martin's insults, and insert the criticism du jour. : )

viterbo said...

bemused - God bless - 'what ya see is what ya get' is better than 'if ya don't see it and ya don't get it you're a [insert papal insult here]

guest from Austria said...

The picture "Pope releases pidgeon", shown on this site, is connected to an insult. This pidgeon was a gift from a man who attended the wednesday-morning-audience. The pope took the cage, opened it and let the pidgeon fly. It was like binning a birthday present before the face of the person who gave you the present.
(Please excuse my bad English. My native tongue is German. Nevertheless, I hope, I got my idea to you.)

c said...

Very good idea this list, but it would be better if you have been the original text (generally the pope Francis speaks in spanish or in italian) and then your translation, because the lenguage of the pope is very specific.

Sorry I don't speak good english

Cosmos said...

Big update coming!!!

"proud, self-sufficient, detached from the people, intellectual aristocrats, who closed their doors and resist the Holy Spirit"

viterbo said...

here's the link for cosmos' addition:

also 'no heart', was included. the prophets knew that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is prudence.

the way Frankie is using his very own 'holy spirit' against the Church is stuff a person with a wit of supernatural faith, or even reason, would be shaking in their shoes over. 'It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.'

Alan Aversa said...

Here's another (source):
hard-headed, foolish, and slow of heart domesticator of the Holy Spirit!

viterbo said...

I think a good new blog could be, 'what does the pope really say.' it's a rhetorical question, the answer agiven - 'not what Christ would have him say'. in his latest homily his audience is told that 'heresy is ideas gone crazy'. I thought heresy was truth being denied? he exhorts people to pray, celebrate and imitate 'christ'. but who is Frankie's 'christ'? someone found only in an undusty Gospel. he does mention sacraments, but what does the pope really say when he talks of 'sacraments'? they clearly can't parrot sacraments, as in repeating an authentic source because that source is authentic...hmmm, what does the pope really say? he really says, today I'll attract some docility with these words, tomorrow I'll attract some dicility with those words, but make no mistake, if you don't follow me into the hell-mouth in October i'll no longer mince words for you parrots, even if you are 'parroting', the Way, the Truth and the Life.

viterbo said...

Frankie's 5 June address was a wee winner for the those with tickets to the insult lottery: 'uniformists - these are hard!' I guess Frankie, destroyer of the Franciscans would know about hard-hearted acts of destruction in an attempt to impose the spirit if Vatican ii uniformly; 'alternativists' - some sort of church ripper-uppers it would seem, I guess he would know about that too, and last and certainly least, 'exploitationists - businessmen'; again I guess he'd know, he's certainly hired enough of them.

viterbo said...

p.s. once again Frankie called upon listeners to be 'docile' to whatever spirit is Frankie's 'higher self'. what's interesting is that Paul VI called upon people to be 'docile' to changes his 'higher self' was guiding him to make in the liturgy.

viterbo said...

RE: Frankie and his exploitationists:

he has thrown out the people Benedict brought in to clean up the vatibank and brought in his own.

Mary said...

Be sure to put "VOLUME I" on the cover of your book!

I hope you continue with the hilarity. I'm loving it.

Can I preorder?!

Anonymous said...

"“The Jesuit must be a person whose thought is incomplete, in the sense of open-ended thinking.”

An insult to faithful Jesuits. An open-ended thinking where the smoke of Satan easily penetrates! The saintly Fr. Herdon must be turning in his grave! The teachings of Jesus are incomplete? Tell St. Francis Xavier that, or St. Peter Canisius.
St. Ignatius, pray, pray for this Pope.

viterbo said...

Jorge said, "I’m not interested in converting Evangelicals to Catholicism. I want people to find Jesus in their own community. There are so many doctrines we will never agree on. Let’s not spend our time on those. Rather, let’s be about showing the love of Jesus."

But what does the Jorge really say? He says this: "I'm not interested in...Catholicism. I want people to find [themselves] in their own community. Doctrines are disagreeable, let's not spend time on those. Rather let's be about showing love of the first modernist, formerly known as satan.'

viterbo said...

'paralyzing proseltyzers'. Do they have taser guns I wonder? (in my experience it is usually bergoglio-like 'Catholics' who get out their tasers if a potential convert dare rears their head.)

"but the worst [attitude] you can have is that of religious proselytism, which paralyzes: ‘I dialogue with you in order to convert you’, no."

27/07/14 'Viva', '10 Tips for a Happy Life', (no mention of heaven apparently or the fact that 'happiness' in this fallen life is usually bought at the expense of others.

viterbo said...

Non-walking walking Christians who are not walking but are walking but not in the presence of Bergoglio's utterly rebrobate concept of 'Jesus'.

"I don’t understand a Christian who is still! A Christian who doesn’t walk, I cannot understand! A Christian must walk! There are Christians that walk, but not in the presence of Jesus."

"...the Argentine Apostate [Bergoglio], in his public and televised address to the Pentecostal Community in Caserta at the end of July, embraced his “brother pastor” and then apologized for the work of countless Catholic martyrs and saints to win back souls from Protestant sects and to stem the spread of their blasphemous heresies in Catholic lands." ---

For myself, all I can say is that the ArgentineApostate is an affront to the True Christ Jesus (the one evinced by 2000 years of Real Catholicism) and His True apostles, like St Frances de Sales, and all those who suffered for keeping the True Faith and for daring to preach the True Faith and administer True sacraments under the brutal sword of Protestantism.

Margherita Neri said...

Ooohhh the ironies of our times...

From today's Sunday homily:

How should I correct another Christian - said the Pope - when is it not a good thing? Use charity, speak to him personally. " Bergoglio recalled the three stages mentioned in the Gospel, that are to talk alone with the brother giving the offense; if he does not listen, to talk to him again, in front of two or three people; and even if this leads to a good end, inform the community. This is to "make him feel the fracture and detachment that he has caused," a necessary step in the "effort to accompany those who make mistakes so that you do not lose him."

viterbo said...

‘Insulting is not Christian! Even words kill’. Finally, it's official, Bergoglio publicly declares himself non-Christian. We don't have to sweat over this fella anymore.

Bemused said...

Poncho the Parrot prays, despite papal admonition!

w said...

this does not seem--LIKE A GOOD BOOK+<3 w--

Joe Potillor said...

Don't forget the latest gems from his final address in the synod

Tomas said...

Traditionalists (said critically)
Murderous, cowardly, hypocritical gossips (daily homily 9/13/13)

Tim said...

I fear you are absolutely right. To say of Pope Francis (as someone here says) "He is going from error to error" is sowing discord among the faithful in a truly shameful way. Are the scribes and the Pharisees still amongst us? Most assuredly they are. You only have to read this blog.

Anonymous said...

"grandmother, no longer fertile and vibrant"
“elderly and haggard”

Anonymous said...

After the Xmas speech to the Curia your book is going to need a large addition.


Viva Cristo Rey said...

Are you going to add a "Christmas insults for your co-workers" section to the book now that Francis has publicly belittled his staff at a Christmas gathering?

David Brainerd said...

Proverbs 11:12 "He who belittles his neighbor lacks sense, but a man of understanding remains silent."

Can somebody get Francis a Bible with that verse highlighted?

Vertuso said...

Praise God for this Pope and the great things he does!

ek said...

Si está loco, loco está. Y si loco está, está loco.

Anonymous said...

You left out RABBITS?!!

Richard Chonak said...

And now some guy has made a shameless ripoff of this anthology of apothegmata, at

Sarah Ackerson said...

Do not forget how early on Pope Francis (no spring chicken himself) referred to Pope Emeritus Benedict the 16t as "grandfather" and "ultimate grandfather". This to his predecessor and one of the greatest theologians of the Catholic Church in centuries. A foreshadowing indeed.



Steven Cornett said...

Do you think we have enough to fill the Little Book, or would it be a bigger one by now?

Bill Carson said...

I am a retired professional salesman. I am shocked that such a poor communicator holds, arguably, the world's most important communication position. He seems to relish attacking his own people but we can't be absolutely certain. Why can't the guy speak more clearly? If he wants to hand out communion to divorced couples, why won't he just come out and say that? Why play games with that Synod, stacking the deck with liberals and the like?

I'm just a regular guy in the pew, not anxious to complain about the pope. I've never complained about any pope in my life and I'll be 65 in a few days. But it seems like we need to say either JPII and Benedict were horrible and Francis is wonderful or Francis is horrible and the JPII and Benedict were wonderful. All three can't wonderful and all three can't be horrible.

Anonymous said...

He talks too much and he criticizes too much. He did not realize who he is now. I miss Ratzinger so much it hurts. Please God, have pity on him and change his ways. Please!

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

I like Rosary Counter.

I prefer counting to 150 Ave (corresponding to Psalms), than to 200.

SenseiFran said...

El Papa que insulta a catolicos fieles y corre a darle la mano a cualquiera que haga lo que la Iglesia ha rechazado siempre o incluso encarcela cristianos. Que bien, a lo que hemos llegado.

Bernard Fischer said...

Mummified Christians!
Vagabond Christians!

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Has it been noted that Batman has felt pain or anger due to BERGOGLIO's insults?

At least if you go to St Corbinian's Bear and have a look!

Nuclear War said...

In Novemeber 2016, he insulted Cardinal Burke and the other writers of the Dubia as insincere.

Anonymous said...

This list is indeed outdated! An update is required, sir, since pope was very active recently (insult-wise).

DonnaLiane said...

Legalists and 'without love' 😔

Mary Grace Byers said...


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

That God may give some wisdom to Pope Michael, as needed for his charge, is of course a very good idea to pray for.

Or "Pope Alexander IX" or "Peter III" whichever of them you believe to be Pope.

Antón said...


Temple_Police said...

I wasn't born until 1968 but I always thought to myself that the Rosary missed out significant events in the life of Christ to meditate on. I thank St JPII for the opportunity to meditate on the institution of the Eucharist, the Transfiguration, the Baptism of the Lord, the work (which the Church ever continues, or at least did until the election of Pope Bergoglio) of the Proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven and most importantly at this time when Marriage and the Family is under great attack from within and without the Church the Wedding at Cana. I suppose I find great comfort and inspiration in all 200.

Anonymous said...

This Borgolio when he talks causes me so much disgust that I feel like vomiting. Since he was made Pope he did not open his mouth one time in favor of the Church of Christ.
By the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the heretic Pope automatically excommunicated himself. So, if it was ever a Pope, it is not today.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, all three were/ are horrible; none guarded the Sacred Deposit of Faith. All three contributed to the damage done to the Church, Francis being the worst and JP2 second. All three Modermists.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Un Cattolico Apostolico Romano said...


In latin:

In italian:

In english:

God bless His children

+Christus Vincit+

Un Cattolico Apostolico Romano said...

@anonymous of 02:29 of 14th february 2017
"By the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the heretic Pope automatically excommunicated himself. So, if it was ever a Pope, it is not today."

What do you mean, mr. anonymous, with the expression "Holy Roman Catholic Church"?
Do you mean something different from the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and ROMAN APOSTOLIC Church, founded BY and ON Our Lord Jesus Christ, Born by Perfect Virgin Mary?
If you do, you have already admitted with your own words of NOT belonging to the ONLY ONE Church of Jesus Christ.
If you don't, I ask you a second question:
why do you want to sell as teaching of the One, Holy, Catholic and Roman Apostolic Church what has NEVER been taught by Her?
That is the Pope can become heretic, so automatically excommunicating himself and so ceasing to be Pope?
The Church of Jesus Christ, in truth, has NEVER taught that Peter can fall in heresy, so ceasing latae sententiae to be Pope.
Indeed, if She had ever taught such a NEGATION of Word of Her Founder: She would not be the Faithful Bride She is assured to be by Her Divine Bridegroom.
And I remember you the Word of Our Lord Jesus Christ about Peter's faith:
"Simon, Simon, behold Satan has demanded to sift all of you like wheat,
but I have prayed that your own faith may not fail; and once you have turned back, you must strengthen your brothers." (Luke 22,31-32)

God bless His children

+Christus Vincit+


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